How Antique Art or Antique Furniture Are Worthwhile Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

CLARS Auction Gallery provides antique furniture and fine art appraisals at our art and modern furniture auctions.

Our doors are open during the holiday season for anyone looking to buy art or furniture for gifts. It’s always a good idea to connect with a fine art appraiser to figure out what artwork is available in your price range. We know that there are countless possibilities for gifts, but we are convinced that antique art and furniture are two of the best gifts. Here’s why you should attend our art and modern furniture auction this holiday season to buy gifts:

  • No duplicate gifts – There is no need to worry about buying the same gift as someone else because antique art is unique. It’s common for there to be duplicates when everyone is shopping for each other, but you can almost guarantee no one will have anything close to the antique art or furniture you buy from our gallery. We will have pieces from artists like Tom Wesselmann and Richard Pousette-Dart available, don’t miss out on art from these artists.
  • Everyone loves art – There are several different types of antique art available in our gallery to fit the varying tastes people have in art. From fine art to Asian art appraisals and everything in between, we’ve got something for everyone. Stop in to browse for gifts this holiday season.
  • Personable & special – Our art and modern furniture auctions are the perfect place to find an excellent piece of art or furniture for a family member who is decorating their home. Whether someone has moved, been in their house for 15 years, or you just want to treat yourself, a new piece of furniture or art can truly take a room to the next level. Our fine art appraisers would love to help you find something in your price range. CLARS has a fine selection of European and American furniture and artwork available.
  • Lasts for years to come – Antique art and furniture never truly goes out of style, so come by to talk with our fine art appraisers today.

Stop by or call CLARS Auction Gallery for more information about our fine art and furniture. Our gallery is accessible to people living in San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa Valley, and Sausalito, CA.