Designer Spotlight: Philip & Kelvin LaVerne

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Philip and Kelvin LaVerne were a father son furniture making team who worked out of New York. They made works in pewter and bronze and opened their showroom in the 1960s on East 57th street.

Their earlier works focused on mythology and antiquities from across the globe, and the pair experimented with chemical reactions to create a patinated effect reminiscent of antiquities.

Philip and Kelvin Laverne, “Marriage Whirl” Table.
Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, “Marriage Whirl” Table.
Sold: $12,600

The LaVerne’s furniture pieces, including the “Marriage Whirl” table, have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of mid-century modern design. The intricate Eastern motif in the “Marriage Whirl” table depicts an ancient ceremony of great happiness. It was designed in patinated bronze and pewter with hand-painted polychrome enamels.

Philip and Kelvin Laverne, Fantasia Coffee Table.
Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, Fantasia Coffee Table.
Sold: $7,500

The LaVerne’s works were influential during the mid-20th century and continue to be admired and collected today for their artistic expression and innovative approach to furniture design.

Philip and Kevin LaVerne, Eternal Forest coffee table. Sold: $22,500
Philip and Kevin LaVerne, Eternal Forest coffee table.
Sold: $22,500

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