New Year, New Art

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Clars Auction Gallery’s January 15–16th auction will be led by Yan Hsia (Taiwanese, b. 1932) Pedestrian at Soho #2.

Fine Art

Yan Hsia (Taiwanese, b. 1932) moved to New York City in 1968 where his style was influenced by American Photo-Realism. One of his most desired series that exemplifies this style when he was represented at O. K. Gallery in Soho is the oil on canvas, Pedestrian at Soho #2 (1975), which is estimated at $20,000–40,000. Deaccessioned from the Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, Nevada), this work is sure to get much attention on Sunday, January 16th with a similar work from this series selling for well-over $100,000 at auction in Hong Kong in 2017.

Yan Hsia (Taiwanese, b. 1932), Pedestrian at Soho #2, 1975, oil on canvas, 36″x54″. Provenance: Deaccessioned from the Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, Nevada).

Another sought after artist from the Pacific Rim is Vu Cao Đam (French/Vietnamese, 1908–2000). Born in Hanoi, Đam’s style is influenced by ancient Chinese art and captures the beauty of female figures, children, and flowers in vibrant color. Đam’s oil on panel, Untitled (Divinity), epitomizes this and will be estimated at $10,000–15,000.

Vu Cao Đam (French/Vietnamese, 1908–2000), Untitled (Divinity), oil on panel, 19″x14.5″.

American Impressionist, Edward Henry Potthast (1857–1927), is best known for sunny beach scenes with sparkling surf. At 25×30 inches and estimated at $10,000–15,000, Clars is pleased to be offering one of his larger works of the Atlantic Ocean, Coastal Waves, on Sunday, January 16th.

Edward Henry Potthast (American, 1857–1927), Coastal Waves, oil on canvas, 25″x30″.

Long regarded as “the master” of late 19th and early 20th century Hawaiian landscapes, Clars is pleased to be offering two paintings by David Howard Hitchcock (American, 1861–1943). Hitchcock’s style is uniquely his own using a subtle, yet colorful, palette to capture the brilliant effects of tropical light. Hawaiian Mountain Scene with Church and Hawaiian Ocean Scene are two such examples and will be offered at $7,000–10,000 and $4,000–7,000.

David Howard Hitchcock (American, 1861–1943), Untitled (Hawaiian Mountain Scene with Church), oil on canvas board, 11.75″x16″ (1 of 2).

Furniture and Decorative Arts

Clars’ Decorative Arts department will have a fine selection of Silver, Coins and Objects of Vertu, including a Chinese export silver epergne by Ning Zhao Ji ca. 1895, estimated at $3,000–5,000, a 1926 $20 St. Gaudens Gold PCGS MS63, valued at $2,500–4,500, and a pair of monumental Empire gilt and patinated bronze figural candelabra, expected to sell for $3,000–5,000.

Left: Chinese Export silver epergne, by Ning Zhao Ji, circa 1895.
Right: A pair of monumental Empire period gilt and patinated bronze candelabra (electrified).

There will also be a Steinway and Sons Model M baby grand piano circa 1958 estimated at $8,000–12,000.

Steinway and Sons Model M baby grand piano circa 1958, serial number 361303.

Fine Jewelry

The Fine Jewelry & Timepiece department at Clars Auction Gallery is excited to offer a selection of diamond, colored gemstone and gold jewelry, in their upcoming January 16th sale.

This sale features a variety of wardrobe staples to build up the foundation of your jewelry collection at accessible price points, including bridal jewelry such as lot 2061, a 1.00 carats yellow diamond white gold wedding ring set, estimated at $2,000–3,000; everyday diamonds such as lot 2120, a pair of diamond and fourteen karat gold earclips. As well as a colorful gemstone selection, including lot 2034, a pair of ruby and fourteen karat rose gold earclips, estimated at $1,800–2,200; lot 2037, a pair of multi-hue tourmaline and diamond earrings. Other wearable pieces that will highlight your everyday life are featured by makers such as Buccellati, represented in lot 2141, a Daisy sterling silver bracelet, estimated at $1,200–1,800.

Left: A yellow diamond, diamond white gold wedding ring set.
Right: A sterling silver bracelet, Daisy, Buccellati.

Asian Art

Asian Art will feature several important lots, including a Chinese huanghuali corner leg table estimated at $20,000–40,000. The elegant simplicity of the present table is a result of its pure form and balanced proportions and defines the restrained yet sophisticated aesthetic of Ming dynasty furniture. Tables of this type were used by scholars for a variety of activities including the execution of painting and calligraphy and for displaying objects of admiration.

Chinese huanghuali corner leg table, top and front view.

Bidding for Clars’ January 15-16th auctions is available by phone, absentee bid, and live online at and through and Clars Auction Gallery is located at 5644 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609.

Clars Auction Gallery is based in Oakland (CA) and is the largest full-service auction gallery in the Western United States. Clars Auction Gallery has been the chosen auction gallery of a number of institutions and distinguished private collectors across the country including the Richard Mellon Scaife Estate, the Thomas J. Perkins Estate and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC).

In the last 5 years, Clars Auction Gallery has sold well over $125,000,000 of Fine Art, Furnishings, Jewelry, Vehicles and Collectibles and has set multiple new world auction records. Follow Clars on Facebook and Twitter!

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Colored Diamonds

By Lauren Della Croce, Director, Fine Jewelry

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Featured November Lots

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Colored Diamonds

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By Lauren Della Croce, Director, Fine Jewelry
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Clars is thrilled to host their Fine Jewelry Auction on Thursday, December 16th, beginning at 10 AM PST. The sale includes a fine selection of diamond, colored gemstone, and signed jewelry spanning from the Georgian period to contemporary. Among this selection are exceptional diamonds.

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Diamonds are characterized by the ‘4Cs’: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Typically, the color of a diamond is graded on a scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light). When referencing the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale, the less color present, the more exceptional, and often more valuable, the diamond.

On the contrary, when determining the quality of fancy colored diamonds, the more color, the more extraordinary. Factors such as purity of the hue, as well as saturation play pivotal roles as well. Colored diamonds are graded beyond the D to Z range, on a scale ranging from Faint to Fancy Vivid.

Fancy colored diamonds are quite rare, with only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds showing a fancy color. The color is often a result of the presence of trace elements, not essential to the chemical composition of the diamond. Yellow diamonds, commonly marketed as “canary diamonds” most commonly contain the trace element, nitrogen.

Coming up for sale on December 16th is lot 5106, a 4.18 carats VS2 fancy light yellow diamond ring.

This fancy light yellow diamond is enhanced by its size, weighing an uncommon weight of 4.18 carats.

The rarest color of all, is pink. Pink colored diamonds range from red to purple. Unlike most colored diamonds, where colors are a result of trace elements, such as nitrogen’s presence in yellow diamonds, the majority of pink hues in pink colored diamonds are a result of a variation in its crystal structure.

The majority of the world’s pink diamonds are sourced from the famous Argyle mine, located in Australia. This mine, which has been a consistent producer of pink diamonds since its opening in 1983, officially closed in 2020.

Coming up for sale on December 16th is lot 5043, a 1.05 carats fancy intense pink-purple diamond ring.

This ring is particularly rare, as only about 28% of pink diamonds range within purplish-pink to pinkish-purple hue range, and 17% weigh over 1.00 carats.

Colored diamonds serve well to bridge the gap between the brilliance synonymous with diamonds, and the hues of gemstones. The rarity of these hues makes them a strong acquisition for a collector.

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“Fancy Color Diamond.” GIA,
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New Year, New Art

Clars Auction Gallery’s January 15–16th auction will be led by Yan Hsia (Taiwanese, b. 1932).

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Featured November Lots

Browse some exciting works that will be available for bidding this month!

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