Wine Condition Abbreviations

Bin Stained Label (BSL)

Labels (especially ones that were originally packaged in wood cases) frequently get markings from their surroundings/materials in storage.

Broken Wax Capsule (BWC)

Portions of wax capsule have broken off, usually because of soft/brittle wax.

Capsule Oxidation (CO)

White markings and/or dusty capsule. The term tarnished capsule may also be used to indicate slight oxidation of the exterior of the capsule which is common on certain capsules.

Capsule Tears (CT)

Portion of the capsule is damaged, cut, or torn.

Chipped Wax Capsule (CWC)

Common with some wines sealed with brittle wax, especially with age.

Corroded Capsule (CC)

Flaking, peeling, or disintegration of the capsule itself.

Cut Capsule to Reveal Vintage (CCV)

Usually the bottom half of the capsule is cut with a razor to inspect cork through glass — often to ensure authenticity. This is a standard practice with aged vintage bottles during the authentication phase.

Damp Stained Label (DSL)

Water markings resulting in dark outlines, usually the result of high humidity in the cellar.

Depressed Cork (DC)

The level of the cork is noticeably below the top rim of bottle.

Exposed Cork (EC)

Top of cork is clearly visible due to hole in capsule or chipped wax cellar. Sometimes due to opening of a wine in which the cork wasn’t pierced by an opener.

Molded Labels (ML)

Signs of mold on label, often associated with a damp or humid cellar.

Nicked Capsule (NC)

Small notch out of the capsule, usually on the top edge of the bottle.

Nicked Label (NL)

Small nick anywhere on label paper.

Obscured Vintage (OV)

The wine’s vintage may become unreadable due to label tears, staining, or the neck label falling off. However, vintage has been confirmed and authenticated.

Original Wood Case (OWC)

Collectible wood box issued by winery or importer.

Raised Cork (RC)

The level of the cork is noticeably above the top rim of the bottle.

Scuffed Label (SL)

Surface markings.

Signed Bottle (SB)

Inked signature on glass or label, often from winemaker/owner.

Signs of Seepage (SOS)

When some wine has pushed through the cork and out from under the capsule on bottle neck.

Tattered Label (TTL)

A combination of label scuffs, tears, nicks and staining.

Tissue Stained Label (TSL)

Some wineries wrap their bottles with colored tissue, which can stain label or leave adhesion markings on the bottle or label.

Torn Label (TL)

Complete tear through the label to the glass.

Water Stained Label (WSL)

Usually results in some label damage from a bottle being placed in an ice bucket but not opened.

Wine Stained Label (WSL)

Usually from a bottle that broke/spilled and sprayed on an adjacent wine bottle label.

Wrinkled Label (WL)

Labels can peel or wrinkle, often the result of storage in a humid cellar.

Wrinkled/Loose Capsule (WC)

Capsule is bunched/pinched and sometimes loose/spins on bottle neck.

Writing on Label (WOL)

Other writing/notes on bottle label (front or back).