Consignment Information

If you wish to consign your items, and they meet Clars’ minimums to accept consignment auction items (usually at least $600 for individual items or at least $3000 for an entire group or collection, but it is left to the Specialist’s discretion), a Specialist will work with you to set up a contract to take the items on consignment. Occasionally, if someone just wants to sell the items instead of consigning them, Clars may purchase the group. This is simpler, but Clars is conservative in its purchases, and you might do better on consignment.

If you’re interested in values, please see the Valuations tab on our website.

Transporting the Items to Clars:

  • Bring them to our Thursday morning Valuation Clinics
  • Make an appointment with one of our Specialists to have them seen at another time
  • For Larger Collections and Estates, talk to one of our Specialists about having our Crew pick them up (a modest freight fee is charged)

The Specialist may list the items, if there’s just a few, but for estates and larger collections, the Gallery may be less specific on the initial listing sheets, but the items will be listed with more detail when they’re catalogued for auction. Clars reserves the right to turn away items that are of low value or not appropriate for auction at Clars.

Payment is 30 working days after the auction.




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