Large Leica collection coming to auction August 11th

23 Jul

Clars will be auctioning a large collection of Leica bodies, lenses, accessories & more August 11th, 2018

View the complete catalog with images here:

Lot No. Description Low Estimate High Estimate
4216 Leitz/Leica Summicron – C 1:2/40mm lens, having a black body, circa 1974, with serial number 2,706,814; with original box 800 1200
4217 Leica Summicron 1:2/50 mm lens, chrome body, circa 2000, with serial number 3,880,438; with original box 800 1200
4218 (lot of 2) Leitz/Leica Summicron lens group, consisting of a Summicron – R 1:2/50 mm lens, having a black body, circa 1965, with serial number 2,147,205, with original box; together with another Summicron -R 1:2/50 mm lens for the Leica Flex camera, having a black body, circa 1977, with serial number 2,816,801, with original box 1000 2000
4219 Leitz/Leica Summicron 1:2/35mm lens, black body, circa 1969, with serial number 2,330,482, 1.5″h 800 1200
4220 Leica Summicron – M 1:2/35mm E39 lens, chrome body, circa 1994, with serial number 3,613,105 800 1200
4221 Leitz/Leica Summicron 1:2/35mm lens, black body, circa 1966, with serial number 2275783, 1.75″h x 2.5″ dia. 800 1200
4222 (lot of 2) Leitz/Leica lens group, consisting of a Summicron f=5cm 1:2 collapsible lens, chrome body, circa 1956, with serial number 1,377,107; together with another Summicron f=5cm 1:2 rigid lens, chrome body, circa 1954, with serial number 1,124,956, both with uv filters 800 1200
4223 (lot of 2) Leitz/Leica lens group, consisting of a Summicron 1:2/50mm lens, with a chrome body, circa 1958, with serial number 1,623,247; together with another Summicron 1:2/50mm lens, with a chrome body circa 1961 with serial number 1,834,790, both with UV filters 1500 2000
4224 Leitz/Leica Elmarit – R 1:2.8/24mm lens, black body, circa 1981, with serial number 3,152,503, accompanied by original box 400 600
4225 (lot of 3) Leitz/Leica Elmarit lens group, consisting of an Elmarit 1:2.8/90 lens, having a black body, circa 1971 with serial number 2,523,517; a Elmarit -R 1:2.8/35mm lens, having a chrome body, circa 1963, with serial number 1,995,236 with UV filter; together with a Elmarit – R 1:2.8/35mm lens, having a black body, circa 1964, with serial number 2,021,203, with UV filter 600 900
4226 Leica Elmarit -M 1:2.8/ 24mm ASPH lens, chrome body, circa 2001, with serial number 3,957,594, accompanied by original box, 800 1200
4227 Leitz/Leica Elmar lens, Elmar -M 1:2.8/50mm accompanied with original box 300 500
4227A (lot of 2) Leica/Leitz Elmar lens group, circa 1940’s, having black bodies, serial numbers include: 592992 and 697606, 500 700
4227B (lot of 3) Leica/Leitz Elmar lens group, each having a chrome body, circa 1950’s, two with a tele-converter, tallest 3.5″h 500 700
4227C (lot of 3) Leica/Leitz lens Elmar lens group, each having a chrome body, circa 1950’s; serial numbers include 1372668, 1013459 and 1121673 500 700
4227D (lot of 3) Leica/Leitz Elmar lens group, consisting of a 50 mm 2.8 Elmar M, circa late 1990’s; together with (2) Elmar – M lenses circa 1960’s each with a chrome body, serial numbers include 1910440 and 1935272 800 1200
4228 (lot of 8) Assorted Leitz/Leica camera bodies, including a black and chrome Leica R3 electronic body, circa 1957, with original box; an all black Leicaflex body, circa 1956, with box; another Leicaflex, circa 1953, with box; a Leica CL body, with box; together with a Leica R4 body, circa 1982, made in Portugal, etc. 800 1200
4229 (lot of 2) Leica/Leitz lens group, consisting of a Summaron f=35cm 1:3.5 lens, having a chrome body, circa 1955, with serial number 1,284,327; together with an Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzler Hektor f = 13.5cm 1:4.5 lens, circa 1957, with serial number 1,507,987 800 1200
4230 Leitz/Leica Canada Summilux 1:1.4/35mm lens, black body, circa 1969, with serial number 2,347,953, with metal hood 800 1200
4231 (lot of 2) Letiz/Leica Tele-Elmarit lens group, consisting of a Tele-Elmarit-M 1:2.8/90 lens, with a black body, circa 1987, with serial number 3,452,273, with an UV filter, accompanied by original box; together with a Leitz Canada Tele-Elmarit 1:28/90 lens, having a black body, circa 1973, with serial number 2,258,166, with a UV filter 800 1200
4232 One shelf of assorted Leitz/Leica camera and lens cases, consisting of both leather and nylon examples, includes lens cases and pouches, camera bags, etc. largest 9″h x 13″w x 7″d 300 500
4233 One shelf of assorted Rollei and Rolleiflex photography accessories and equipment, primarily consisting of Rollei filters, Rollei straps, lens caps, lens hoods, flashes, (2) film converters 645 – 35mm, etc. 500 700
4234 (lot of 6) Rollei 35 mm cameras, all having black bodies, 2.5″h x 3″ w x 2″d 500 700
4234A (lot of 10) Rollei 35mm black and chrome camera group, 2.75″h x 4″w x 1.25″d 600 900
4234B (lot of 4) Rollei 35 S mm camera group, consisting of (2) with black bodies, one with a black and chrome body; together with an all chrome example, 2.25″h x 4″w x 2.5″d 400 600
4234C Rollei 35 mm S gold plated camera, 60th anniversary limited edition, gold-plated body, with instruction manual and certificate, accompanied by original box, 3″h x 9″w x 6″d 800 1200
4235 (lot of 10) Rollei 35 mm camera group, consisting of (7) Rollei 35mm TE examples, five having black bodies, two with black and chrome bodies; together with (3) Rollei 35 mm SE examples, one with an all black body, the other two silver and chrome 400 600
4236 (lot of 13) Rollei camera group, consisting of (3) Rollei B35 mm examples; a C35 mm (5) Rollei 35 LED examples, (2) Rollei 35 T examples, a Rollei 35 mm; together with a Rolleiflex SL26 camera, 3″h x 4″w x 2″d 300 500
4237 (lot of 2) Rollei 35 Classic cameras, consisting of (2) cased cameras, one having silver and grey body, the other chrome, each with original box 800 1200
4238 (lot of approx 50+) Assorted Nikon, Nippon and Nikkor photography equipment, lens caps, filters, metal hoods, straps, hard and soft lens cases, camera body cases, etc. largest case 11″ 600 900
4238A (lot of 2) Nikkor fish-eye lens, 7.5mm with serial number 752012, 4.5″h; with case 6″h; 800 1200
4238B (lot of 12) Nippon lens group, consisting of early range lenses, for the early Nikon range finder system 1000 2000
4238C (lot of 5) Nikkor F Mount lens group, including a 28mm 1:2.8, a 50mm 1.8, another 50mm lens with a 1.2, a 35-105 3.5mm, together with a prime 105 f/2.5, two with factory cases, etc. 500 700
4238D (lot of 3) Nikkor/Nippon tele-focus lens group, primarily for early range finder system 500 700
4239 One shelf of ALPA photography equipment, consisting of an ALPA 11el black and chrome camera body, with box; an ALPA Retrofocus lens, an ALPA Apochromat lens, 1:2/100mm; a 35mm f/2.8 Schneider lens, another 28mm lens, f/ 3.5; a 50mm f/1.8; together with various metal lens hoods, a lens case, etc. largest item box: 4.5″h x 8.5″w x 5″d 300 500
4240 (lot of approx. 10) Carl Zeiss/Contax camera group, consisting of a 35 70mm lens f/3.5, a 28mm lens f/2.8, a 90mm lens f/2.8; a 35mm f/2; a 45 mm f/2; together with a universal view finder in original packaging 800 1200
4240A (lot of 2) Carl Zeiss 21 mm lens f/2.8, together with a 21 mm viewfinder, in original case 300 500
4240B (lot of approx. 15) Zeiss/Contax camera group, consisting of (2) cameras, including a G2 example and a 2A; lenses include a 35mm lens f/2.8, a 21mm lens f/4.5, a 50 mm lens f/2.8; (3) viewfinders, a film spool, a spotting scope, 3 x 12B; a contometer set, with an eyepiece in the original box; together with an on camera flash TLA 200 300 500
4240C One shelf of Zeiss/Contax camera accessories, including a magnifying glass, assorted cases, lens filters, etc. 150 250
4241 One shelf of assorted Minox camera equipment, consisting of hard and soft sided cases, Minox point and shoot cameras, a Minox B camera, in original case, flashes, etc. 300 500
4241A (lot of 3) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of a Hasselblad bag, English Billingham bag, and a Leitz example, largest 12″h x 17″w 200 400
4242 Cased Angenieux macro lens, zoom 70-210, f/3.5, having a black body, accompanied by original fitted box, 4.5″h x 10″w x 7d 400 600
4242A (lot of 3) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of (2) Leica rectangular bags, together with a Kali Bag, largest 9″h x 13″w x 7″d 200 400
4243 (lot of 2) Metz Mecablitz flash attachments, models 32 Z-2, each with original boxes, 4″h 150 250
4243A (lot of 3) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of an Alpa bag, and (2) unmarked examples, largest 8.5″h x 10″w x 5″d 100 200
4244 Three shelves of Leica cases, consisting of (8) wood cases, (3) with original boxes, largest 4″h x 13.5″w x 13.5″d; together with (4) Leica camera bags, etc. 200 400
4244A (lot of 2) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of a Nikon example, and a leather unmarked example, largest 10″h x 14″w 50 100
4245 One shelf of Leica camera accessories, including lens hoods, filters, lens caps, etc. 500 700
4245A (lot of 3) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of a Benser example, Leitz example, and Leitz Leica example, largest 9.5″h x 10″w 200 400
4246 (lot of 18) Assorted opera glasses, including examples by G. Rodenstock, Hensolot, Carl Zeiss, Nikon, etc. 300 500
4246A (lot of 2) Hardshell camera and equipment bag group, consisting of a Minolta example, and a Leitz example, both with fitted interiors, largest 11″h x 15″w 200 400
4247 (lot of 12) Collection of assorted opera glasses, some with mother of pearl detail, makers include Carl Zeiss, G. Rodenstock, Manon, etc. 300 500
4247A (lot of 3) Camera and equipment bag group, consisting of a Nikon example, a Leica leather example, and a Hasselblad example, largest 11″h x 15″w x 8.5″d 300 500
4248 One shelf of Leica metal lens hoods, largest 3.5″ dia. 200 400
4248A One shelf of books and binders mostly relating to Leica cameras, including Leica collection, Leica a History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory, etc. 100 200
4249 (lot of 6) German binocular group, consisting of (3) Carl Zeiss examples, including a Diaylt 8 x 30B example, having a brown body, 4.5″h x 5″w; (2) Leitz examples, including a 6 x 30, having an all black body; together with a Steinheil 8 x 30 example with a black body, 4.5″h x 6.5″w 600 900
4250 (lot of 11) Assorted binocular group, makers include Bushnell, Bausch and Lomb, Nikon, Luxon, etc, largest, 6″h 400 600
4251 (lot of 6) Binocular group, consisting of (5) Nikon examples, tallest 8″h; together with a Nippon Kogaku example 300 500
4252 One shelf of Leica/Leitz advertising and display items, including sticker decals, display platforms, velvet pads, red and white lens displays, etc. 300 500
4253 One shelf of Sharan miniature reproduction cameras and cases, consisting of (2) reproduction Leica cameras, each with a case, (2) reproduction Nikon cameras with cases, a reproduction Rolleiflex, with case; together with a display case, 5″h x 13″w x 6″d 300 500
4254 Two shelves of assorted Leica camera accessories, including a Leica M camera Visoflex III rangefinder SLR converter, magnifying glasses, light meters, lapel pins in the form of Leica cameras, assorted lens caps, (2) ceramic mugs with the Leica logo, (4) clear drinking glasses with the Leica logo, 4.5″h, a light diffuser, a slide projector,etc. 500 700
4255 (lot of 3) Zeiss Ikonflex cameras, each with a carrying case, each with a 75mm lens, in like new condition, no fungus present on any lenses, one metal hood included 300 500
4256 (lot of 2) Zeiss camera group, consisting of a Zeiss Ikonflex, together with a Zeiss Box Tengor, having a fixed lens, tallest case 6.5″h 300 500
4257 (lot of 2) Rolleiflex camera group, consisting of (2) cameras both with an 80mm lens, f/2.8, lens with no fungus, together with leather cases, 6.5″h 400 600
4258 (lot of 2) Rolleiflex camera group, consisting of one with an 80mm lens f/2.8; together with a 75mm lens f/3.5, with leather cases, tallest case 6.5″h 400 600
4259 Rollei magic II camera, 75mm, f/3.5, with case, 6″h 300 500
4259A Rolleiflex camera, Synchro-Chromo, having a gray and black body, 75mm f= 3.5, lenses free of fungus 300 500
4260 (lot of 2) Rolleiflex camera group, consisting of (2) cameras with 75 mm lenses, together with matching cases, 6.5″h 400 600
4261 (lot of 3) Rolleicord camera group, each with a leather case, all with 75mm lens f/3.5 200 400
4262 (lot of 2) Rolleiflex 4 x 4 camera, having a light gray body, 60mm lens, f/3.5with original case with strap and box, 6″h 300 500
4263 Sawyer’s Mark IV camera, in the style of Rolleiflex, with original case, 5.5″h 300 500
4263A Japanese Yashica Model A camera, executed in the Rolleiflex style, with a 80 mm lens f/3.5, lens is free of blemishes and fungus, together with original packaging, camera 6″h 100 200
4264 One shelf of Rolleiflex accessories, including a penta-prisim, (2) view-finders, (2) camera flash heads, a Rollei meter, a film format converter, (2) Rolleicord 16 exposure kit, Rollei plate adapters, 6 x 6; various metal hoods, (3) triggers, together with assorted Rolleiflex camera parts, etc. 400 600
4265 One shelf of assorted Rolleiflex accessories, consisting of various lens caps, leather cases, including a metal hinged Rollei case, with a braided cord, 8″h x 5″w x 5″d 400 600
4266 (lot of 3) Zeiss binocular group, including a pair of 10 x 40B, with case, 7″h x 5″w x 2.5″d; a pair of 8 x 30, with case; together with a pair of Zeiss classic 8 x 20 binoculars, 300 500
4267 (lot of 3) Leica binocular group, consisting of a pair of 8 x 20 Trinovid, with original box and case, a 7 x 42B Trinovid; together with a 10 x 40 Trinovid example, largest 7″h 300 500
4268 Leica/Leitz M3 camera body, having a black and chrome body, with serial number 1023068, circa 1953 800 1200
4268A Leica M5 camera body, black and chrome, with the serial number 1,345,636, circa 1956, with box 500 700
4269 (lot of 3) Leica/Leitz 111f body, having a black and chrome body, having serial numbers: 599947, circa 1945, 633387, circa 1947, and the last 687,771, circa 1949, 500 700
4270 (lot of 4) Leica/Leitz 111f camera body, with black and chrome bodies, serial numbers: 486527, 1939, with some wear evident to base piece; 773632, 1950, excellent condition; 799088, 1950; excellent condition; 810034, circa 1950, excellent 800 1200
4271 (lot of 4) Leica/Leitz 111f camera bodies, serial numbers: 890490, 1951; 881145, 1951; 861204, 1951; 847,509, 1951, all in excellent condition 800 1200
4271A Leica/Leitz M7 camera body, having a black and chrome body, with serial number 2886052, circa 2002, with original box 1000 2000
4272 Leica/Leitz Summaron lens, 28mm f/5.6, screw mount, evidence of some fungus 300 500
4273 (lot of 2) Leica lens group, consisting of Summitar 5=cm 1:2 screw mount lens with serial number 818059, circa 1950; together with a Leica extension tube, having a bayonet mount, 3″h 800 1200
4274 (lot of approx. 10) Voigtlander camera group, consisting of (3) Bessa R cases, with original packaging; a VC-1 brown leather case, a side grip, with original packaging; VC light meter, 75 mm view finder, glasses clear and free of fungus; (2) leather lens cases, no blemishes on leather; a Bessa-R2 camera body, with original packaging; together with a Bessa R5 camera body, with original packaging 500 700


Catalog to be available online August 3rd

For More information please contact [email protected]Lieca_group

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