Ilias Llalaounis jewelry to be featured May 31st

06 May
A man with a vision,  Ilias Llalaounis born in Athens to a fourth generation of family jewelers and watchmakers, in 1941 while Greece was the grips of WWII Ilias Llalaounis took over the family business. Having a passion for history and art of his ancestors, he drew ideas from museum artifacts and cultures and using ancient techniques in precious metalsmithing such as hand hammering, granulation and filigree. Ilias Llalaounis jewelry pieces are known throughout the word for the distinct designs and fine craftsmanship.
Clars Auction Gallery is offering a fabulous Ilias Llalauonis 22k gold hand hammered jewelry suite to be offered in our May 31st sale.
 Ilias Lalaounis 22k yellow gold jewelry suite, Greece
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